Did you know…

National both financial resources and technology are becoming more scarce, and according to data provided by the Hospital Bloom 45% of deaths of children under 1 year are caused by congenital cardiovascular malformations, the average age of looked after children is 2.6 years and their origin in 70% is urban area, the rest of the rural area, though we estimate that in rural areas, children are not diagnosed and die at an early age. 10 to 12 children die monthly in Hospital from pulmonary complications of congenital heart disease.

The installed capacity of the Bloom Hospital allows only two operations per week (less than 100 a year and with support of International Conference on medical operations can reach 200), there by the waiting list grows every day, the date is approximately 400 children waiting list, more in those who fail to be there, because they are cases which can not be operated in the country.

Each child with heart disease which is not operated needs be entered six times a year as minimum, for a total of income of 30 weeks during its first five years of life, so that at any time no less than half of the children’s Hospital bed spaces is dedicated to compensate its multisystem failure, the intensive care unit and other neonatal areas are also on need for this disease and if they are not operated, with the time they die.

But into what our chances it has allowed us to and counting with the support of institutions, hospitals and doctors abroad, as well as people and companies in the country, have succeeded in making our work, which has allowed us to see made the dream and effort of many of our beneficiaries, as well as also see radical change of life experiences every child after surgery, we try to maintain the greatest possible contact with each one of them and we see that you have a life limited games, studies, etc, get make a normal life and develop in all areas that they propose.

Roxana Janeth Córdova. Operated on May 21, 1992 at Schneider Children’s Hospital of Long Island Jewish Medical Center.

Roxana Janeth Córdova. In 2005 graduated in law at the University of El Salvador.

Rodil Alberto Moreno. Operated in 1992 at St. Francis Childrens Hospital of New York. Now is studying comunications and works in a comunication media.