Our Work

Our work is to manage the surgery, coordinate travel and cover the local expenses: as medical examinations, dental care, visas, passports, food, transportation, etc., of the child and his mother.

The average cost of a heart surgery is $100,000.ºº, by what its realization is possible only with the help of external sources and the collaboration of persons or entities that support us with local costs.

The economic value of our management in these years is equivalent to almost $36 million and more than 500 children operated. During these years we have also supported the Hospital Bloom with donations of medical equipment, surgical supplies and medications.

In addition to sending children to surgeries abroad, we manage and coordinate medical seminars in the country, with groups of various specialties that come to collaborate with physicians and hospitals Salvadorans.

Since it was created our partnership, we have had as its goal the possibilities make efficient use of national and international support to ensure the health of our children, and try to support them later to seize as well the gift of life that have been received and can have a better quality of life, that will allow them to have a better development of its future.