Rony Antony Zavaleta, returned from Albuquerque, NM.

On Sept 16 through Dallas, returned Rony accompanied by his mother Miriam Henriquez to Albuquerque, New Mexico, there was subjected to an open heart surgery in the Prebyterian Hospital in that city.

The surgery was performed by the surgeon Dr. Carl Lagerstrom and the cardiologist responsible is Dr. Steven Yabek.

Since the boy was three months old the mother noticed that while he slept he got really tired and thought that this was not normal. She took him to the Health Unit of San Luis Talpa and the Doctor who saw him there referred to the Hospital Bloom and they detected the heart problem, since then has been in treatment, with the hope of getting the donation surgery outside the country because the type of operation can not be performed here.

Dr. Mauricio Velado, pediartician cardiologist of Hospital Bloom, sent Rony to us about 3 years ago, but for legal reasons it had been impossible to send him, but thanks to the valuable collaboration of the Procurator of Zacatecoluca, Lic. Alex Mejia was possible all the authorizations so the child could travel as well as the dedication and tenacity of Miriam that at no time has left battling to get the surgery for his son.

Rony is a quiet boy who takes refuge in electronic games much because it can not do much physical exercise, but will perform one of their big dreams and is traveling by plane, because his dream when he grows up is being fulfilled their pilot. He will be 11 years old on August 13.

We are grateful to all persons and institutions who have been involved in this gift of life for Rony, especially Rita Lavin of Healing The Children SW, by concern for our children, doctors and companies that have collaborated with local costs and work so they can travel. Especially Gloria Williams and her family, that stay in your home.

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