Medical Conferences


Started the German heart project, sending 3 children to the Hospital of the University of Freiburg-surgery with the support of TACA, BBV AFP grow, Embassy of Germany and other donors, organized the first day of surgery pediatric Cardiovascular in German heart, Bloom Hospital, composed of masters in surgery from the same University, were successfully operated 12 children.


With Healing The Children SW – Divine Providence Hospital of Santiago Texacuangos, became a day of pre-selection of cases to be sent to open to the Presbyterian Hospital Children’s de Albuquerque, NM heart surgery, were sent to surgery to 14 children.


Ophthalmologic Hospital Bloom day, counted with the presence of the eminent ophthalmic surgeon Dr. Alan Golbert, managed to operate 8 children.


Have given our support Healing The Children’s in days medical Otolaryngology and General Surgery, made in the Divine Providence Hospital of Santiago Texacuangos. 35 Children were operated.


Collaborate with the project “Our heart is in the El Salvador” which is an Alliance of national and international agencies, in order to benefit children with problems of heart of our country. Our participation consisted in the organizing of the pre-selection, preparation and legal documentation of 47 children who were selected for surgery.


Day of Urology at Hospital Bloom through Healing The Children SW, were 12 very complicated surgery.


Started a new program of Pediatric Cardiac procedures (electrophysiological studies) which are procedures can not be performed in the country and that are donated in different hospitals of United States. This procedure consists in the introduction of a device that shoots electromagnetic waves of high frequency which allows to discover the cells where the irregular heartbeats occur and thus destroy (ablate) the pathways responsible for arrhythmias. It is a relatively new procedure that prevents open surgery and allows a recovery of the child in shorter time. In addition to being a cost considerably lower than a surgery. The waiting list in the Bloom Hospital, for this procedure is more 60 children.


We support Healing The Children SW, in Day of Otolaryngology and Plastic Surgery, at the Hospital Divina Providencia de Santiago Texacuangos.