We are a group of volunteers, united with the only mission to restore health and with it the future of the Salvadoran children of very scarce resources ill of the heart and other diseases that cannot be treated in the country. We invite you to learn more about our work and the different ways you can help us give the Gift of Life!


José Daniel Morán y Diego Chávez, traveled to Barrington, Illinois

They traveled on November 30 with Anne Collett who came from Chicago to accompany them on the trip Cardiac Electrophysiological Procedure will be performed in the Advocate Good Shepherd of that city. This procedure is managed by Jeff Degner of Healing ...


Jenifer Escobar, traveled to Florence, SC

Jenifer Maricela traveled with her mother Marta Valladares to the city of Florence, South Carolina. There will be a Brain Radiosurgery at the McLeod Health Regional Medical Center. This surgery is managed by the Rotary Club of Florence through the Gift ...

José David Rivas, traveled to Wisconsin

José David traveled with escorts from American Airlines to Wisconsin where he will undergo surgery at the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. The surgery was managed by Healing The Children