Loyda Portillo y Fabiola Rivas, con el Doctor Raymond Kawasaki del Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital de Barrington, Illinois (2011)

We have initiated a new program of pediatric cardiac procedures.

(electrophysiological studies). These are procedures that are not made in the country and that are donated in different U.S. hospitals.

The procedure involves the introduction of a device that triggers high frequency electromagnetic waves that allows to discover which cells produce irregular heart beats and then destroys (ablate) the conduction pathways responsible for arrhythmias.

It’s a relatively new procedure that avoids open surgery and allows a child’s recovery in the shortest time. Besides being considerably less cost than surgery. The waiting list at Bloom Hospital for this procedure is over 60 children.

Currently, we have sent 12 children, from a list of more than 50 children that are on a waiting list. So we are looking forward to continue sending more. We also have offers of different hospitals and organizations in the United States and Europe, to expand our efforts to other specialties as orthopedics, neurology, urology, etc.

Elisa González and Albeiro Burgos accompanied by Dennis Penning, toward Barrington, Illinois(2011)

José David Aguilar and Franklin Hernández, accompanied by their mothers, were operated in UNICAR, Guatemala (2011)

Itxia Urania Reales and Fernando Josué Escobar, accompained by Jeff Degner, Director of Healing the Children, Illinois (2012)