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3a. Jornada de Estudios Electrofisiológicos Cardíacos

The alliance of organizations and institutions make it possible year after year to be performed this Medical Mission is the only chance for our children to regain their health. It is expected to correct cardiac arrhythmias 18 children. Participants and sponsors: ...


(Español) Daniela Segovia. Mayra Zelaya y Edwin Javier Romero

Daniela Segovia, Mayra Zelaya and Edwin Javier Romero, traveling without Jeff Degner, Healing the Children, Ill,, Barrington, Ill. Young people are held Procedure Cardiac Electrophysiology at Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital


Xochitl Adriana Beltran, traveled to Columbia, SC. orthopedic surgery

XOCHITL ADRIANA BELTRAN, traveled with her mother Mrs Lilian Castellon to Columbia, South Carolina, to the girl perform orthopedic surgery at Palmetto Health Children's Hospital in that city. Surgery been management by the Spring Valley Rotary Club through its Gift ...

Jonathan Serrano, viajo a St, Louis, MO, a cirugÍa de corazón abierto

Jonathan Alexander Serrano y su madre Cecilia Sànchez, viajaron a St. Louis, MO, a donde le será realizada cirugía de corazón abierto por una severa cardiopatía que padece. La cirugía le será realizada en el SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s ...

Dia del Médico Salvadoreño

Congralations Salvadoran Doctors

July 14, Day of Doctor in El Salvadorr, our appreciation for the dedication and commitment to our society


Violeta Alejandra Sanchez, travel to Barrington, Ill., will perform EPS

VIOLETA ALEJANDRA SANCHEZ, travel to Barrington, Illinois with Vicky Uribe of Healing the Children, Ill. who came from Chicago to accompany her on the trip. The girl will perform a cardiac electrophysiology procedure at Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital in that city. ...

Rodrigo y Jaquelyn

Rodrigo Alexander Giron (2.6 years) to Richmond, VA. to open heart surgery

Rodrigo Alexander Giron (2.6 years) traveling with her mom Jaquelyn Giron to Richmond, Virginia, the child will undertake open heart surgery at Children's Hospital of Richmond VCU, this surgery to been managed by World Pediatric Project.