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José Daniel Morán y Diego Chávez, traveled to Barrington, Illinois

They traveled on November 30 with Anne Collett who came from Chicago to accompany them on the trip Cardiac Electrophysiological Procedure will be performed in the Advocate Good Shepherd of that city. This procedure is managed by Jeff Degner of Healing ...

Kevin viajó a St. Louis, MO.

KEVIN ALEXANDER BURGOS, traveled accompanied by his mother Mrs. Adely del Carmen Ramosde Burgos to St-Louis, MO. Where to have orthopedic surgery and then heart surgery at the St. Louis Shriners Hospital, surgery managed by the World Pediatric Project

Kelly y Gerardo, traveled to Barrington, Illinois

Kelly Estrada and Gerardo Moreira traveled to Barrington, Ill on cardiac electrophysiological procedure at Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital, managed by Jeff Degner of Healing the Children. They are accompanied by Vicki Hess Bender volunteer from HTC who has come to ...

4a. Mission Cardiac Electrophysiological Procedures


Donation of 9,500 diapers to Hospital Bloom

8 November - We delivered to Bloom Hospital a batch of 9,500 diapers that were donated by Corporación Juárez, SA de CV - Virgen de Guadalupe Pharmacies In addition, they delivered toys to outpatient and hospitalized children


Osmín Leiva y Josué Adonay Sánchez, to St. Louis, MO

May 10 - Osmin Leiva and Josue Adonay Sánchez travel accompanied their mothers to St. Louis, MO where they were given Cardiac Electrophysiological Procedures at the Health Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital. Thanks to the management of World Pediatric Project


Katherine Morales y Melissa Morales

May 6 - Katherine and Melissa traveled with Rita Lavin, a volunteer at Healing The Children, Ill. Cardiac Electrophysiological procedures were performed at the Good Advocate Shepherd Hospital in that city, were received by Jeff Degner from Healing The Children and ...